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jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

Winds (Nor) - Discografia 320Kbps

Current line-up
Lars Eric Si - Vocals, Bass (Age of Silence, Khold, Tulus, Eikind, Before The Dawn)
Carl August Tidemann - Guitars (Arcturus (Nor), Tritonus)
Andy Winter - Keyboards (Age of Silence, Subterranean Masquerade, Sculptured)
Jan Axel Blomberg (Hellhammer) - Drums (Antestor, Arcturus (Nor), Carnivora, Covenant (Nor), Jørn, Dimmu Borgir, Mezzerschmitt, Mortem (Nor), Shining (Swe), The Kovenant, Thorns, Troll (Nor), Vidsyn, Tritonus, Age of Silence, Umoral, Den Saakaldte, Mayhem (Nor), Emperor, Death of Desire, Eyes Of Noctum)

Origin :
Norway (Oslo)

Genre(s) :
Neoclassical Progressive Metal

Lyrical theme(s) :
Astral and Existentialist Philosophy


Winds - Of Entity and Mind


1. Inception Perspective
2. In All Reflections
3. Bloodstained And Sworn
4. Mirrored In Time
5. An Eternity of Dreams


Winds - Reflections of the I


1. Clarity
2. Realization
3. Of Divine Nature
4. Transition
5. Passion's Quest
6. Reason's Desire
7. Premonition
8. Remnants of Beauty
9. Existence
10. Continuance
11. Predominance


Winds - The Imaginary Direction of Time


1. What is Beauty?
2. Sounds Like Desolation
3. Theory of Relativity
4. Visions of Perfection
5. The Fireworks of Genesis
6. Under the Stars
7. A Moment For Reflection
8. Time Without End
9. The Final End
10. Beyond Fate
11. Silence in Despair
12. Infinity



Winds (Nor) - Prominence and Demise


1.Universal Creation Array
2.Distorted Dimensions
3.The Grand Design
4.When the Dream of Paradise Died
5.Fall and Rise
6.The Darkest Path
7.Convictions and Contradictions
8.Where the Cold Winds Blow
9.The Last Line